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Welcome to the Web’s Premier Subliminal CD Store!

Put Your Self-Development on the Fast Track –
With Our Professional Subliminal Recordings!

Are you looking for a powerful way to help you enjoy exciting inner-change?

Outer change begins as inner change. You need to change your thoughts first, in order to change your world.  And one of the most popular methods of doing that today is with Subliminal CDs!

At, we offer a vast selection of powerful subliminal recordings.  All professionally produced using the new 5-part Encoding System™ developed by self-development guru, Bradley Thompson (best-selling author of "Developing Your Own Subliminal-Studio").

We have subliminal CDs designed to help you...

Lose excess weight, gain confidence, develop your mind, boost your business skills, turbo-charge your charisma – and MUCH more!  Plus, each order comes with FREE gifts and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Interested?  Browse our products below...

Brain Power
Genius Mindset

Memory Booster

Mathematical Skills!

Vocabulary Skills!

Ultimate Creative Mindset

Total Learning

The Zone: Peak Performance

Laser-Sharp Focus

De-clutter Your Brain

The Exam Kit

Your IQ

Whole Brain Thinking
Fears & Phobias
Fear of Confrontation

Fear of Accepting Your Past

Fears and Phobias

Fear of Heights!

Fear of Flying

Fear of Spiders


Fear of the Dark

Acknowledge and Enjoy Change

Fear of Failure


Hobbies & Miscellaneous
Write a Novel

Write a Screenplay

Speed Reading

Dancing Skills!

Interview Anxiety

Develop Your Singing Voice

Driving Test

Lucid Dreaming Skills

Remembering Your Dreams

Visualization Skills

Youngster Schooling Skills
Brain Success
110% Business Success

Totally Decisive

Money Magnet

Organizational Skills

Work Burnout

Strategic Planning

Positive Selling Power
Brain Power
Weight Loss!

Accept Your Physical Body



Women - Slim Slender

Men - Muscle Tone

Cool Down Blushing
Brain Power
Soul Mate

Parenting Skills

Building Relationships

A Better Partner




Fear of Commitment

Get Over a Relationship

Brain Power
Accept Yourself

Self-Esteem Booster


Inner Happiness

Mind, Body & Spirit

Positive Thinking

Strong Mind, Sound Body

Your Work is Worth Doing

Change Your Life
Brain Power

Natural Life High

Release Your Past

Attractive Charisma

Public Speaking

Inner Passion



Handle Criticism

Be Assertive

Your Spiritual Path

Patience & Anger

Be Ambitious
Brain Power
Basketball Skills

Baseball Skills

Bowling Skills

Football Skills - American Football

Ultimate Golfer

Martial Arts Performance

Runner Skills


Soccer Player
Brain Power
Body in Harmony

Dealing With Stress

Headaches and Migraines

Meditation Skills


Your Immune System


Back Pain


Blood Pressure

Brain Power
Man Magnet!

Confidence with Men

Declare Your Femininity

Sexual Skills

Power Woman
Brain Power
Woman Magnet

Confidence with Women

Your Masculinity

Sexual Skills

Premature Ejaculation
Brain Power

Impulse Eating

Substance Abuse

Smoking Sucks

Alcohol Abuse

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You’ll find out just what subliminal messages are, how you can use them to improve your life beyond belief, plus the FREE tricks you can use to enjoy the power of subliminal messages on a shoestring!

The course is run by Bradley Thompson over a week and the next course begins on Monday.

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