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Fears & Phobias
Fear of Confrontation

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Fear of Confrontation - Subliminal CD

Learn to stand up for yourself � the EASY way!

Fear of Confrontation

Do you feel shy in crowds and get intimidated by other people?

Need a way to make yourself heard?

Then, here it is!

This superb subliminal audio recording will quickly and easily unlock ALL your natural poise and self-confidence in MINUTES!

Within an hour, the Fear of Confrontation subliminal session will enhance your assertiveness and boost your self-belief, helping you:

   � Confront arguments heads on and win them

   � Stop giving in to others' demands

   � Be bold and put yourself first

Using the latest in subliminal messaging the latest technology, the Fear of Confrontation session delivers thousands of powerful, stimulating, confidence-boosting messages directly to your subconscious � allowing you to unleash your strong and confident side almost instantly!

And it�s 100% risk-free! If you�re not completely satisfied with the sensational results, let us know within 90 days and we�ll refund your order in full.

Don�t be a wallflower! Purchase Fear of Confrontation TODAY and enjoy these exciting benefits right away!

Buy MP3 download version for $16.95!

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The following affirmations are used in this subliminal recording:

I can stand up for myself
I can confront anyone
I can face confrontations
I can deal with disputes
I am fearless!
It is OK to stand up for myself
I am happy to confront others
Every day I am better at handling disputes
Facing confrontations is easy for me
I handle confrontations well
I accept confrontations
I handle confrontation perfectly
I am good at dealing with confrontation
I am good at standing up for myself

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