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Testimonials Received During January 2019

What do other users think of our subliminal CDs? On this page, we publish testimonials received last month, January 2019. Remember, all testimonials are completely unsolicited. To send us a testimonial for publication, please get in touch!

"These CDs have genuinely changed my life. I always believed that subliminal CDs worked, but never this well. I'm incredibly impressed. So far, I've used CDs for improving my confidence, my speaking skills, and my assertiveness. They've worked wonderfully. Thank you for providing this service!"

-- Eric Milne, Northwich, CW8, UK - ericmil*****

"These are the very best subliminal CDs around. As an expert in self-growth, I know all about subliminal technology. With his new Five-Part Encoding System, Bradley has unveiled a method of delivering subliminal messages that outweighs anything the industry has seen so far. I'm excited to have seen fantastic results so far. Excellent!"

-- Hale Carlton,

"This isn't a question, but positive feedback for your site. I've been using the subliminal CDs with my teenage boys, to help improve their concentration - with fantastic success. I'm thrilled with the results and my boys are now enjoying better results at school too. Thank you!"

-- Barbara Cochran, Coventry, CT, 06238 - wahmctg***

"For a long time I've had problems with self-esteem. Using your 'Accept Yourself' and 'Self-Esteem Booster' programs, I've already turned my life around. I can literally feel the change - from the inside. And I've only been using the program for seven days so far. BRILLIANT."

-- Anonymity requested

"I've always believed in the power of subliminal messaging to help change the mind. With these CDs, I've personally experienced phenomenal success. I rarely send out recommendations to readers of my daily blog at But in this case, Bradley, I'm going to make an exception. A BRILLIANT PRODUCT."

-- Karl Moore,

"Excellent program, even though I was initially skeptical. I've beaten my selling record three times over this month. Please pass my thanks on to your CD team. Thank you!"

-- "Paul", Liberty Lake, WA, 99019

"My health has increased 1000% since using your CDs. I haven't caught a cold in the past six months, when I'm usually the FIRST to catch anything going. It's all down to your Boost Your Immune System subliminal CD!!"

-- Ralph Chappell, Bodmin, PL30, UK - ralph.********

"I've used these CDs to help my clients boost their lucid dreaming skills, and remember their dreams. I've found them to be highly effective and recommend these CDs thoroughly."

-- Jennifer Lansbury, UK dreaming analyst,

"I didn't think this would work. But it did. I used your program to help improve my muscle mass and refine some of my skin. It worked unlike anything I've ever seen before. I'm now a loyal customer - and have just ordered another five CDs. Thank you!"

-- Anonymity requested

"I'm actually amazed! At first it didn't seem as though the Self-Esteem Booster was working. Until a day after listening - and a situation I had avoided wound me up in my bosses office. It was an issue with a superior co-worker. I took the bull by the horns and politely but firmly asked that it be resolved. I surprised myself! I was assertive, but not aggressive. And I can't wait to start on the next subliminal! Thanks again!"

-- Carla Rael, Colorado

"My relationship with my wife has always been good, or maybe okay. But never great. Just two days after using this CD, our relationship of fifteen years has totally changed. The love has increased immensely. I'm not sure whether it's my own perception, or whether she's simply changed toward me. All I know is that I used your CD with this in mind -- and two days later everything changed. I'm giving you the credit. Thank you! I'm already ordering more CDs from your site!!"

-- Anonymity requested

"These CDs can help you break your long-standing habits, and help you achieve new success patterns - overnight! I've used these audio CDs to help get rid of my fear of spiders, let go of procrastination - and to recharge my mind, body and spirit. They're powerful. I recommend to my clients!"

-- Lee Milteer,

"I'm writing to tell you about my recent success with your CDs. I've been trying to lose a stubborn two stones over the past three years without any success whatsoever. I was about to start yet another fad diet, when I discovered your CDs. I'm so glad that I did. Just one month into your lose weight CD and I've already shed a whole stone. I feel fantastic too! If this continues, and I know it will, then I'll be my ideal weight in just a couple of months time. THANK YOU!!!"

-- Lucy Ward, Muscatine, IA, 52761

"My eyesight has always been a concern to me. Since discovering your site, I purchased your subliminal CD for better eyesight. The results have been very noticeable. Within three days of using, I noticed a very definite improvement in my eyesight. Sharper images, the ability to see raindrops once again, and leaves high up on the trees. Great! I'm going to be using this every night."

-- Johan Strickland, location withheld on request

"Bradley Thompson is one of the most profound individuals I've ever worked with. As the author of many books on the power of the mind, I know how to help individuals change their lives -- and fast. With these CDs, Bradley cuts out the need to do anything difficult. Just play these CDs and you're done. I highly recommend your site!"

-- Michael Masterman, author The Speed Reading Secret and Genius Mindset

"I'm not writing to ask a support question, but to ask you to pass these thanks onto the man, Bradley Thompson. I just wanted you to know that after using your Be Happy and Beat Depression CDs, my life has truly turned around. This time last month I was an emotional wreck, considering the most drastic options open to someone suffering with such deep unhappiness. Now, after less than a week on your program, I feel fantastic. Life has brought new opportunities into my life. The sun is shining. I'm alive again. And it's all down to you. Thank you! I probably owe you my LIFE!!"

-- Anonymity requested

"These CDs have changed my life BEYOND BELIEF!! I feel brilliant after just a week of listening. I don't know how they really work, but I'm listening on loop as I go to sleep, and the results are outstanding. Thank you!"

-- Lorinda Geary, Witney, OX28, UK - butterf******

"I'm what most people would call a decent golfer. Well, as most golfers know, 99% of a great handicap is in the mind. With your subliminal CD, my game has improved dramatically -- and I'm regularly beating my usually superior pals. I love it! And I never, ever believed it would work this well. Thank you for helping me achieve this!"

-- Dave Rintoul, Corbally, Limerick, Ireland - [email protected]**********.ie

"As a long-term customer of Bradley Thompson, I'm writing to say thank you for the recent new CDs added to I've used these CDs over the past month to help increase my reading speed and improve my communications. I'm currently writing a novel - and I can already feel this helping me more than any of the courses I've taken previously!"

-- Nick Larson, San Jose, CA, 95127 - larson8**

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